The Secrets to Effective Facebook Ad Split Testing

The Secret to Split Testing your Facebook Ads is to make sure that you test from “start to sale”. Watch the Video for more. Want More? Visit Here to Learn More about My “Fearless Social” Mastermind Group.

Dr. Ben AdkinsThe Secrets to Effective Facebook Ad Split Testing

How to Handle A Sales Meeting as a Freelancer.

By Request Dr Ben walks you through how to handle an initial meeting with any potential client. This process works no matter what it is you sell.

Dr. Ben AdkinsHow to Handle A Sales Meeting as a Freelancer.

Running Contest on Facebook Just Got Easier

Today Facebook announced a big change in their Terms of Service that now allows you to ask for likes/comments in order to run contest on your pages. This is a big change. Watch the video above or check out Facebook’s official announcement here. Want the most up to date facebook training on the planet? Join Us Here for $1.

Dr. Ben AdkinsRunning Contest on Facebook Just Got Easier

Facebook and Pinterest Hybrid Method

Dr. Ben talks about how you can use the power of Pinterest to improve  your niche facebook page marketing. (Hint: Pinterest users do all the research for you.) PLEASE NOTE: This does not mean you can just copy a bunch of popular pictures from Pinterest. You should find post that are like the popular post. If you do ever use …

Dr. Ben AdkinsFacebook and Pinterest Hybrid Method

Facebook Edge Rank

Dr. Ben shows you how to start really kicking butt on facebook by leveraging their Edgerank algorithm.

Dr. Ben AdkinsFacebook Edge Rank

Swim by Jack’s Mannequin

Anytime I get a little bit down I throw this song on. If you know the story behind Jack’s Mannequin’s front man, Andrew McMahon, you quickly realize that everything good in our life comes with a fight. Great song that picks me up anytime I question what I’m working toward.

Dr. Ben AdkinsSwim by Jack’s Mannequin