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How to Handle A Sales Meeting as a Freelancer.

By Request Dr Ben walks you through how to handle an initial meeting with any potential client. This process works no matter what it is you sell.


Running Contest on Facebook Just Got Easier

Today Facebook announced a big change in their Terms of Service that now allows you to ask for likes/comments in order to run contest on your pages. This is a big change.

Watch the video above or check out Facebook’s official announcement here.

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Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting is a huge money maker for both online and offline businesses. If you’re not in the “know” yet about it… def take a look at the video.

Thanks to Fearless Social for the Video!


Facebook Hashtag Marketing 101

Facebook Hashtags Seem Awesome. But how powerful are they going to be for marketers? Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching some big brands use the new facebook hashtag feature to get exposure for their business and engage with their current customers. I decided that I wanted to see how effective this could be for the smaller business and marketer so I devised a little experiment.

This video was recently posted online with a simple hashtag based contest:

Update: We have seen more activity in the first two hours of this experiment than I expected in the entire week. My recommendation to small businesses and marketers is to follow this example and start using facebook hashtags now. Experiment with this concept as its extremely powerful.


I Will Either Win or Die on The Treadmill

Whether you like Will Smith or not, this video speaks alot about why he’s achieved his level of success.


How to Recruit JVs and Affiliates Using A Simple $20 Facebook Ad

Today I thought I’d put together a video to show you how I go after specific affiliates in a very unique way using facebook ads.

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March 2013 Facebook Chances

I rarely expose any of our private mastermind content but considering the upcoming changes to Facebook,

I wanted to let you know exactly what these modifications will mean for your business. 

Comment Below and Let me Know What You Think.


SMS and Email Optin at the Same time.

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Email Marketing Tricks Part 1

Inside the video above I show you something I’ve been using to increase opens and ultimately increase conversion in my email marketing. If you’d like to use the same email provider I do, click here to checkout Getresponse.


Facebook Ads in 7 and a half Minutes