Facebook Edge Rank

Dr. Ben shows you how to start really kicking butt on facebook
by leveraging their Edgerank algorithm.

Dr. Ben AdkinsFacebook Edge Rank

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  1. Spencer

    Ben, Just completed your Evil FB Magician training. It was clear and to the point. Now I feel like I can go build a list on FB and monetize that list! Since you explained things so well, I decided to watch your FB Edgerank video. It is a true saying…”knowledge is power.” Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  2. Marilynn A. Bever

    How do you keep the POSTINGS “fresh” and “interesting” to create the ongoing desired INTERACTIONS? The use of PHOTOS is a great Tip from you, Dr. Ben – plus the Scheduling Services offered by GetResponse. I am BLOWN AWAY by your Expertise – and REALLY excited about creating my own FB pages that are Monetizing from GOOD Quality Content and suitable products / services. THANKS for being such a Good Citizen of the Universe.

  3. Elsie

    Just finished Facebook Evil Magician, as usual loved it. Was easy to follow step by step, and all very doable. Your explaination of edgerank rocked. big hugs Elsie

  4. John

    Great Edgerank explanation. This is an excellent companion to Evil FB Magician. Will use this to further tweak my campaign. Thanks.

  5. Steve Hards

    Thanks for that explanation Ben! You didn’t mention polls as a source of interaction? A short question that you can boost with a bit of post advertising on a topic that touches a nerve with your likership can work wonders, I’ve found!

  6. Andy

    Sage advice Dr. Ben. I’ve read about this recently and will be implementing it on my new FB pages. Thanks for taking the time to teach us the good stuff.

  7. Steve

    I would like to know whether it is a good idea to LIKE each post after uploading it, does that improve Edge Rank by showing interaction or is that a spammy thing to do?

    1. Post
  8. Christian

    It’s funny how just before you started explaining what was the best times to post, I immediately new the best 3 times to post. I guess it’s common sense and experience.

  9. Judy

    Loved your explanation of Edgerank. Concise, short and to the point and really liked the engaging way you presented the info. New input for me, a novice facebooker.

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