Facebook and Pinterest Hybrid Method

Dr. Ben talks about how you can use the power of Pinterest to improve 

your niche facebook page marketing. (Hint: Pinterest users do all the research for you.)

PLEASE NOTE: This does not mean you can just copy a bunch of popular pictures from Pinterest. You should find post that are like the popular post. If you do ever use material from another place, make sure that you credit the source.

Dr. Ben AdkinsFacebook and Pinterest Hybrid Method

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  1. Jeremiah

    Hi Ben,

    Do you link to the original image on the website where the image is hosted or do you save the image to your computer and post it to your facebook page then leave a reference link to the site where the image is hosted?

    Thank you

    1. Post
      1. Jeremiah

        Thank you Ben! You rock!

        Any tips on how to find out if the image is copyrighted or not?

        P.S. I bought your evil FB magician course and it is awesome!

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